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          1. Directory of Antique Golf Websites

            Directory of Antique Golf related websites

            Antique Golf Clubs

            The Timewarp Antique Golf Shop Timewarp Antique Golf Shop>

            NEW ADDITION - Great Blog with tips about making long nose golf clubs

            NEW ADDITION - One man's personal golf museum!

            NEW ADDITION - Australian Golf Heritage

            NEW ADDITION - Society of Hickory Golfers

            NEW ADDITION - British Golf Museum

            NEW ADDITION - Society of Hickory Golfers

            NEW ADDITION - Golf Historical Society of Canada

            NEW ADDITION - Auld Golfer

            NEW ADDITION - Modern Scottish Golf Museum

            Antique Athlete: Antique Athlete

            p> Golf Images Classic Golf Images

            Pictures Golf Only Images

            Golf Antiques Golfika

            Manfred Schotten Schotten

            Sweetwood GolfSweet Wood Golf

            Vintage Golf Balls for Sale Antique Golf Balls>

            Hickory Golf Clubs Hickory Golf Clubs for Hire

            Sets of Clubs Hickory Golf Clubs>

            Hickory Golf The Hickory Golf Blog

            Timewarp Golf The Timewarp Golfer

            Miniature Golf Clubs Golfing Traditions

            Rhod McEwan Golf Books>

            The Morris Men Historical Golf Themed Novel- A great read

            Eat Golf

            Golf Blogger

            Golf Links


            Golfing Gadds

            Eat Golf

            Hooked On Golf Blog>

            My Golf Buggy>

            Shivas Golf

            The Bogey Golfer

            The Sand Trap

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